Top 3

3. 25 Is Quickly Approaching
Um, I’m 100% not ready to be 25 years old. I can’t even clean out my coffee mug at the end of the day; how am I supposed to be a real person? With this new found knowledge that my birthday is in less than 3 weeks, I’ve decided that I want to attempt to get my shit (semi) together. I made a budget. WHAT?! Adult life, hello! I even looked at apartments and I’ve totally got this down. The one thing I’m missing is a job. Casual. I’m working on it, ok? Get off my back.

2. Barre3
Ok, so techincally it’s been 2 weeks since my last class; I’ve been busy. But I get points for buying a pilates ball and light weights to use at home. Anyway, these classes are Hell on Earth in the best way possible. Barre3 (a company founded by Sadie Lincoln) is a combination of Barre (ballet), pilates and yoga and gives you a killer overall body workout.

With Sadie’s method, the first 30ish minutes of the class is cardio-based and actually makes you want to die. I cursed my nutritionist the whole time for suggesting I take this class. But the last 30 minutes were actually quite delightful, in a painful, my-ass-may-fall-off kind of way. It’s more pilates based, which means the moves are more concentrated and slow and you do a million reps using only your body weight (or light 1-3lb weights for arm work). Still death-based, but a nice cool down from the cardio.

Overall, these classes kick ass. Madonna goes to them, so you know they have to be good. To find a studio near you, check here. Can’t find one? Sadie also offers classes online to do at your own discretion so you can sweat peacefully from the comfort of your home.

Literally can’t even belive life right now. I know it’s like not that big of a deal, but shut your face because I think it is! So far Elite has published 2 of my articles (here and here) as of July 10, and I can only hope they continue to do so. Also, they denied one of my articles and I was really happy about it because I didn’t think it was very well written when I sent it in, and now I know that they don’t just accept whatever is sent to them. My second article got 7k shares and I’m so happy because 7,000 people liked my article enough to share it with their friends. Someone even posted a “rude” comment, so like, I also have haters. I’m loving every second of this…

I also post each of my articles (published or not) on my other blog (which I changed the name/url to) at Stop Irritating Me.


Now Playing: Yoga Beats

As of late (ok I’ve been slacking “lately”) I’ve been hitting the local yoga studio in my little slice of suburbia heaven (read: hell).  I get stressed very easily, as you can probably tell if you read my tweets, so sometimes I just need an hour to unwind and actually be told to relax.  I find that even if my crazed thoughts race right back after savasana, that hour of pure bliss can get me through another day of hell (ok, my life isn’t that hard, but sometimes it seems like it).

Since I haven’t been able (read: too lazy) to get to the studio recently, I’ve been compiling my own yoga playlist on my iTunes and I must say that I’m really digging it (do people still say ‘digging it?’).  I figured that I would grace you all with some of my favorite selections while you engage in some yoga poses.  I find that my all-time favorite pose is that of the child.  I hate kids, but boy do they know what’s up when it comes to relaxation.

1. Dream- Alice Smith

This song is perfect for vinyasa and sun salutations because it is upbeat, but Smith holds some of her notes a little longer so it helps with the flow.  I love the jazz-like tones in her voice and music, making her cd transitional to every mood and/or situation.

2. Coastin’- Zion I

This one is a little more upbeat and I find that it is great for running on the treadmill (last time I checked, like 3 months ago). This track is also great for vinyasa, maybe a little faster, and I like it for my stretches- definitely stretches pre-workout, as I find that more mellow tunes are better for my deep stretches post-workout.

3. Jar of Hearts- Christina Perri

This is definitely one of the more “angsty” yoga songs that work for me, but it does just that: it works.  I find that Perri’s words and beat are especially good for when I’m feeling exceptionally angry at the male population.  I’ve been working on channeling my anger into other outlets, one being yoga, and I’ve found that listening to songs about how men (and women) suck and we are so much better off without them, really helps me unleash everything (yes, I’m extremely single. I get it). This track is a little angry, very fluid and motivates me to be like, “hey, fuck you, I’m going to kick ass at yoga now,” and I love every second of it.

4. In the Waiting Line- Zero 7

While this is my favorite yoga beat, it is also one of my favorite songs in general.  Zero 7, much like Frou Frou (Imogen Heap), has such a chilled out vibe that goes perfectly with pretty much anything from yoga, to running, to drinking wine, to just laying in your bed staring at the ceiling. As you may have noted in previous “Now Playing” posts, I’m very big on really hearing the lyrics in a song and understanding them, and In the Waiting Line is one of those songs that speaks to me.  I know that I sound like the biggest music snob on Earth right now, but it’s too true not to talk/write/whatever about.  This track is all about throwing away the “9 to 5” ideal and not wasting your life with mundane acts. I’m definitely not a “9 to 5” type, so I often find myself switching to this track when I’m feeling like my life is getting too bland and I need to remember that there is an escape.

Sorry that was so deep. I really like this song, ok?