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When someone first prompted me to listen to a one, “Young Thug,” I laughed in his face. Literally. I thought it was a joke. I thought we were done with the “Young’s” or “lil’s” but clearly I was wrong. Even as I listen to him now, I’m still confused as to my true feelings towards his latest album.

First let’s look at the fact that his most recent mixtape was dropped as “Barter 6,” when just days before it was titled, “Carter 6.” If you’re thinking that sounds familiar, it’s because it does. Lil’ Wayne’s previous five albums are titled “The Carter” followed by the appropriate album number. It was all very weird. I’m still not over it.

Regardless, I promised myself that I would listen to each track at least 10x before making a decision (I wish this was an exaggeration). While it took a little longer than expected, I came to the conclusion that I enjoy about 60% of the album, give or take. I went through the many phases of “oh-my-god his voice is SO f*cking annoying,” “why does EVERY track sound the same?” and “what in God’s name is he even saying?” It was not easy giving this kid a chance (he’s only 22- a child), but it was semi-worth it in the end. Let me break it down:

One of my favorite songs is “Can’t Tell” and it definitely has to do with the fact that he collaborated with T.I. who I do not hate. The song has a good beat and the three rappers (also collaborated with Boosie) mesh well together. Granted, this track is probably the most mainstream on the album, an obvious people pleaser. Guess what? It did the job.

Another classic is “Constantly Hating” in which Young collaborated with Birdman (another Lil’ Wayne reference, continuing to make the whole situation weirder). This is just your classic haters-gon-hate track that is necessary for every artist to recreate. Young just wants to know if you’re going to do something about it, or “turn to a pussy” and let the haters do their thing. Personally, I would go T Swift on them and shake it off, but that’s just me. I’d be interested to hear a collab between the two…

His most popular track, “Halftime” has a following for a good reason. It has a sick beat and he has a smooth free-style flow throughout it, regardless of the fact that I had to actually google 40% of the lyrics because I had zero idea what he was saying. It sounds like 4 different beats thrown together, but in a strangely cohesive manner. It’s weird but it works.

It’s decent shit. I don’t hate his voice anymore and I do crank it up in my car from time to time. By all means, you could 100% go through the rest of your life without hearing “Thugger” (apparently that’s a thing) and be pretty content with everything. But it’s worth a listen, or ten…



Billboard Music Awards

I hope you were all as excited as I was to watch the Billboard Music Awards on ABC tonight (minus the fact that Pitbull was there)! Anything the combines fashion and music is right up my alley. While I watched with my computer on my lap, I  mastered the art of multitasking, so my typing did not distract me from the amazingness that was going on on the tv.  Here’s a recap of my favorite outfits, performances and of course the things that I just hated (cough Pitbull cough):

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Selena Gomez dazzled in gold while performing her new hit single, Come and Get it. She donned a gorgeous double slit gold dress with gold armor on top, sleek straight hair and eye bling to tie it all together. Sure she was dressed like a modern Cleopatra, but she rocked it and looked fabulous.

at least he knew...

at least he knew…

Not Chris Brown’s greatest performance, but he did kill the moves in the end looking sleek in all black everything (my favorite). Part of me just can’t get over the fact that he, ya know, pummeled the shit out of Rihanna 4 years ago. Whatever right? Physical abuse was the new black in 2009. I think pregnancy is the new black now, but I really can’t keep track.

Macklemore & Ryan Lewis are just amazing. Always. I can’t wait to see them at the Budweiser Made in America Tour. Although a little part of me died when I found out that Macklemore was engaged.

Gangnam style is not a rap song…it’s not even a real song. It’s just a bunch of noise with a weird dance that goes along with it. I can’t.

Thank you for making it clear that you’re not a virgin anymore, Will-I-Am, or however the hell you spell your name these days.

Hate all you want on me for saying this, but: Dear Justin Bieber, you are not Michael Jackson. Please stop trying. The monkey was cute at first, but once you started with the freak outs, the mask and your overall just odd actions, you lost me. You’re 19. Act like it.

Why does Pitbull exist? I honestly don’t get it. Sometimes I wonder if he actually has eyes underneath those sunglasses.

Miley Cyrus will always be my obsession and I will always approve of her outfit choices. Tonight is not an exception. I love jumpsuits and the black/white combo worked amazingly with her fierce red lip. Plus, I’m pretty sure she rolled her eyes when she announced J.Biebz’ win for best male artist.

Miguel– I just love you. Your voice. Your face. Your outfit. Just amazing.


Jenny McCarthy looks like she’s going to a black tie music festival. I kind of don’t hate it.

Screen Shot 2013-05-19 at 10.34.12 PM

Perfectly said

Can we just pretend that Justin Bieber’s speech never happened?

Taylor Swift won artist of the year. Not so sure I agree, but good for her! Also her dress is banging!

Also, Nicki Minaj and Lil’ Wayne killed it. Lap dance on stage. So sexual

Ok I’m so over it. Overall it was a pretty interesting show and Justin had a mini freakout, so I’m happy. I can’t wait until someone makes a gif of that speech. What did you guys think?

weezy said it best

weezy said it best