Top 3: This Week’s Must-Haves

3. Lizou Jewelry


I came across the Lizou Jewelry Instagram page after they liked one of my photos and I got lost in their feed for about 15 minutes. Inspired by French and California vibes, this company has numerous (and moderately-priced) collections to choose from, including wraps, bracelets, necklaces, earrings, and more. I’m especially privy to the wrap collection because the bigger the wrist-game, the better.  This bracelet and this necklace/bracelet especially caught my eye due to the gorgeous color combos. I’m guilty of wearing all black to just about everything, but I can definitely get into an accessory with a pop of color. I highly suggest checking out the site here for a closer look into this trendy line.

2. Black Tourmaline


I’m new to crystals and the belief behind them. After hours of extensive research (yes, hours) on crystals to protect, bring creativity, and shield negative energy, I came across black tourmaline, among others. I was specifically drawn to this crystal due to it’s protective and grounding properties to keep away negativity, suppress anxiety, and bring on calmness. I purchased six stones to place around my apartment in order to keep a safe space for myself and leave my life stressors at the door (or so I read somewhere on the internet). I also bought a necklace with the stone to keep toxic energies away from myself through my day and protect from the anxiety I experience everyday. While I’ve only just set up my crystals around my house, I have high hopes of what they will do in the future.

1. Fila Everthing


On my way back to my apartment after buying a few bottles of Prosecco, I noticed the store window of a trendy street wear/sneaker store and the mannequin caught my eye. She (it?) was decked out in Fila, but more specifically these Fila leggings that I now must have in my closet. (These are also pretty sick.) I recently purchased the classic Disruptor 2 sneakers and re-fell in love with the brand. I’m big on Adidas and Nike, but I wanted to branch out into more old school brands like Fila and the now-popular Champion. With the love of my recent purchase, I definitely see more Fila gear coming into my life.

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5 Ways I’m Getting My Shit Together

Every day I try and take some time to better myself, or at least try to. This includes things such as starting a new book, trying out a new workout class/regimen, eating something that doesn’t resemble what a five-year-old eats, etc. This is a new type of blog post for me, so remain patient, as some of my “activities” may not be that interesting…Sorry about that.


Reading Classics

On my recent solo-trip to Paris, I stopped by the Shakespeare and Company bookstore, as any tourist should. At first I wanted to get one of my favorite books, The Sun Also Rises, but the cover was exactly the same so I thought it was pointless. (I’m not sure why I thought it would have some extravagant cover to show where it was from, but I digress.) Instead I figured I would pick up some classics and just have them stamped with the company logo on the inside. I picked up To Kill a Mockingbird and Lolita, both of which I never read in high school or college. I started reading To Kill a Mockingbird almost immediately and haven’t been able to put it down since, aside from the past week when I was moving into my new apartment.

This brings me into my desire to get back into reading more books like I used to in order to relax. We’ll see how it goes.

Watching New Shows

I know this might not be the “best” activity to do when I probably have a million other things on my plate, but it allows me to take a mental break after I have to open up my work computer at home and answer emails for a solid two hours. We all get into our typical rut of watching the same thing over and over again, like The Office, Parks and Rec, and Friends, but I’ve tried to branch out a bit since I’ve seen these series at least seven times.

My friends in my group chat are always touching base on the latest episodes of Real Housewives (any edition) and I’m always confused since I’ve only seen the first two or so seasons. Starting from scratch, I went straight Hulu (my friend’s subscription because I’m cheap) and tuned into the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and let me tell you, I have not been disappointed. I know, I know, people don’t understand how one can watch these shows with all the “fake,” bitchy drama, but somehow watching other people duke it out and be stressed makes my stress levels go down. Although I do think my new neighbors hate me for yelling at my TV whenever someone says something stupid or is spouting lies.

Whether it be trashy TV or the latest drama, I suggest getting out of your comfort zone and trying something different.

Exploring the City

I just recently moved to Center City in Philadelphia and I couldn’t be happier. I’m within walking distance to the best restaurants and bars the city has to offer, and my best friend only lives 10 blocks away which is a major plus. I’ve only been there for less than two weeks, so I haven’t had much time to walk around the city between unpacking and the fact that it’s freezing outside, but I will say that by my second day there I had already found the closest Target and liquor store, the places I will be frequenting the most.

Once it gets a little nicer I definitely plan on throwing on some sneakers and leggings and getting out there to just wander around the streets to find new bars and funky shops, which I know there are a plethora of that I just haven’t experienced yet. Maybe a day in Rittenhouse Square in the park with a (water) bottle of wine and a packed lunch or sitting outside with coffee or some prosecco and people-watch. Whatever the city has in store for me, I am very excited and can’t wait to see!

Skincare, Skincare, Skincare

I’m a 27-year-old girl, so obviously I’m into making my skin look as young and supple as possible. (Note I hate the word “supple.”) I have very sensitive skin, so trying new products can be a challenge for me because a lot of things make me breakout. I think I’ve finally found a routine of Avène Cleanance Cleansing Gel, Pixi Glow Tonic, and Glossier’s Priming Moisturizer Rich, and they have definitely been working. I’m still waiting for that “glow within” look from the tonic, but it takes time I guess. I might try to work in MARIO BADESCU Facial Spray with Aloe, Herb and Rosewater and Trilogy Organic Rosehip Oil since my friends speak very highly of them in our group chat and they also are always on-point(!) with the latest and greatest in skincare .

I’ve also been dabbling in the art of the face mask, but I just have to be careful with the ingredients so they don’t irritate my skin. So far I’ve liked Dr. Jart’s Dermask Micro Jet Clearing Solution™ and 7 Days Mask in green tea. Next on my list is eye creams because let’s be honest, I’m not getting any younger and I need to beware of the appearance of crows feet and thinning under eye skin. Any suggestions for HG products are welcome!

Professional Development

Had to throw some work stuff in here too! My current job has me doing a bunch of different tasks within marking and event logistics, and while they definitely broaden my skill set, it seems as though I’m not 100% proficient in any one area. I’ve recently taken it upon myself to look into training courses in digital marketing to perfect my skills and find a career path that is right for me. Plus a promotion never hurts! Right now I’m on, which I highly recommend if you’re trying to take courses in just about anything to enhance your current skills or learn new ones. is a great resource too if you’re in the programming/technology/coding field.

Finally, I’m also trying to build my “brand,” if you will, by keeping up-to-date on this blog. I know it’s not perfect, but one of my future goals is to revamp the whole thing and hone in on specific topics that relate to my personal life, and hopefully yours! I also want to feature my favorite products to spread the word about brands I am passionate about or can’t live without. I’m open to any and all suggestions of what you (aka my less-than-20 followers) want to read about and hopefully increase my following!

As always, feel free to leave any suggestions/comments/critiques in the comments below or email me! All my contact info can be found here. Check out my Instagram too @sydconn for a closer look into my life!

Top 3

3. Blogging (I didn’t forget about you)

OH HEY THERE! First let me apologize (to all of my like, 5 followers) for forgetting about this blog. Life has been a little hectic this past month: I went on vacation to PR (so fabulous), I was very busy at work, and, um, I took a LOT of naps.  I honestly don’t have any good excuses, except for the fact that I’m a little lazy sometimes (always), but I’m working on it! I also need to make my life more exciting so I can have something to write without you (again, the 5 of you) thinking that I’m a complete loser, as opposed to just a regular loser.  I’ve said this before, but I’ll say it again, I WILL try to post more and make things more interesting. I will also tell you this: I tried to have someone (my stepdad-who is reading this) take some photos of me in a fab outfit that I was wearing, thinking I could have a little of my own fashion here…yeah it just didn’t work. Had I, say, my own photographer, then maybe things would have worked out (also if I had ANY modeling skills), alas you won’t be seeing any of my outfits that would prompt a two-syllable damn (probably from myself…).

(Just like Lily’s dress on “How I Met Your Mother,” duh)

2. Puzzling 
Saying that my memory is bad is an extreme understatement, e.g. saying that Beyonce is a mediocre performer. I will actually forget what I am talking about mid-sentence. It’s baffling and people tend to think that I’m just not paying attention or even listening to them. While sometimes that is the case, there are times where I really just don’t remember. To combat this I constantly carry around a notepad just to write things down. The point of this pity-party is to tell you that my mother suggested I try different ways to challenge my brain in order to strengthen my memory.  Since I’m too cheap to pay for, I decided I would try old school puzzles.

While in Target or AC Moore or some shit, I took a look at my options and realized that I had no idea how big a 500 or 1000 piece puzzle was. I decided “go big or go home” and went with 1000 piece.  Let me just tell you: that’s a BIG ASS puzzle! Of course I chose one of Cinque Terre, Italy, aka 100 of the same color houses on a cliff that is surrounded by water, which is basically all the same color. It’s just great.  Even with the help of my stepfather, I can’t help but get extremely frustrated. I actually started to have minor panic attacks while working on it. I wouldn’t come to the dinner table, I went to bed at 1am and still continued to think about it until about 2am. I guess my perfectionist ways don’t really help when doing a puzzle. Hopefully it helps with my memory, because if not, this will go down as a terrible, terrible time in my life. With all of this, just remember: 1000 pieces is a shit ton of extremely tiny pieces, and at all costs, avoid puzzles with water or similar-colored everything.

1. Summer**
Thank Yeezus that the summer heat is finally here (as I look out the window, only to see it pouring rain).  While it has been a tad rainy these past few weeks, the afternoons have been fabulous! I’m big on laying out, so I’m very proud of my bronzed-goddess-ness right about now.  I DO use sunscreen; I’m not promoting tanning for hours at a time (although I used to be guilty of it).**  After traveling to Australia where the sun is deadly (literally-skin cancer is the number 1 killer), I learned the importance of sunscreen, even when it’s overcast.  All in all, I love a good tan because it makes me look less ghost-like and sickly. It also makes it kind of, a teensy, tiny bit make it look like I have abs (which I most DEFINITELY do not).

You should NEVER use a tanning bed to achieve your golden glow. I used to frequent the tanning salon like it was second home, and I was unfazed by the constant warnings I heard on the news. I eventually came to my senses and realized how dangerous these UVA and UVB rays are. Indoor tanning increases your risk of getting skin cancer by 75%. No glow is worth all of that damage!

Have fair skin or want an out-of-the-sun fix? Try a spray tan (I’ve heard great things) or a tanning lotion like Jergens Natural Glow . They have a bunch of other great products on the web to help you achieve the perfect glow for your skin type! But hey, if you can rock the fair-skin look, YOU GO! I wish that I could, but seriously, I look like I’m dying.

**Note: I used the picture of “Tan Mom” out of humor. I find what she “allegedly” did (taking her five-year-old into a tanning salon) to be extremely horrible and disturbing.  I am not trying to promote unhealthy tanning of skin, as I know the extreme dangers of skin cancer. I do my best to protect my skin, and I suggest you do too. SPF 30+ is the greatest protection and should be reapplied ever 2 hours (every 30 minutes if you’re active). Please be safe in the sun and remember that your skin will be thanking you when you’re older and your skin doesn’t look like an old leather couch!