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When someone first prompted me to listen to a one, “Young Thug,” I laughed in his face. Literally. I thought it was a joke. I thought we were done with the “Young’s” or “lil’s” but clearly I was wrong. Even as I listen to him now, I’m still confused as to my true feelings towards his latest album.

First let’s look at the fact that his most recent mixtape was dropped as “Barter 6,” when just days before it was titled, “Carter 6.” If you’re thinking that sounds familiar, it’s because it does. Lil’ Wayne’s previous five albums are titled “The Carter” followed by the appropriate album number. It was all very weird. I’m still not over it.

Regardless, I promised myself that I would listen to each track at least 10x before making a decision (I wish this was an exaggeration). While it took a little longer than expected, I came to the conclusion that I enjoy about 60% of the album, give or take. I went through the many phases of “oh-my-god his voice is SO f*cking annoying,” “why does EVERY track sound the same?” and “what in God’s name is he even saying?” It was not easy giving this kid a chance (he’s only 22- a child), but it was semi-worth it in the end. Let me break it down:

One of my favorite songs is “Can’t Tell” and it definitely has to do with the fact that he collaborated with T.I. who I do not hate. The song has a good beat and the three rappers (also collaborated with Boosie) mesh well together. Granted, this track is probably the most mainstream on the album, an obvious people pleaser. Guess what? It did the job.

Another classic is “Constantly Hating” in which Young collaborated with Birdman (another Lil’ Wayne reference, continuing to make the whole situation weirder). This is just your classic haters-gon-hate track that is necessary for every artist to recreate. Young just wants to know if you’re going to do something about it, or “turn to a pussy” and let the haters do their thing. Personally, I would go T Swift on them and shake it off, but that’s just me. I’d be interested to hear a collab between the two…

His most popular track, “Halftime” has a following for a good reason. It has a sick beat and he has a smooth free-style flow throughout it, regardless of the fact that I had to actually google 40% of the lyrics because I had zero idea what he was saying. It sounds like 4 different beats thrown together, but in a strangely cohesive manner. It’s weird but it works.

It’s decent shit. I don’t hate his voice anymore and I do crank it up in my car from time to time. By all means, you could 100% go through the rest of your life without hearing “Thugger” (apparently that’s a thing) and be pretty content with everything. But it’s worth a listen, or ten…



Top 3

3. New Blog
I’m almost 25 and I have no idea what my “passion” in life is. No idea. However, I’ve recently been trying to figure out what it is that I genuinely enjoy doing, and writing is one of those things. I’m by no means a fantastic writer, but I think that the more you write, the better you can become (aka what every single person in writing tells you). So in addition to this blog- that I always forget to write in- I’ve started another at (creative, right?) where I’m going to write more freely with no set genre. Some posts are short and might just be something that I wanted to tweet but 140 characters just wasn’t enough, and some are a little more detailed. It’s basically all over the place. Regardless, I’m hoping that it helps improve my writing and maybe become a “thing.” Who knows.
*Note the link to my new blog is located on the right sidebar titled, “My Random Thoughts”

2. Orange is back
Don’t act like you’re not excited. I don’t care if you haven’t even seen the first 2 seasons. I know you’re all just as psyched as I am. It’s been a loooong year and waiting for this new season did NOT help, but all will be well on June 12. Netflix will once again be unleashing 14 new episodes that I will try to watching in increments, but will most likely binge-watch in 2 days and then be left hanging, alone again. BUT I did just read an article that Netflix has already confirmed a 4th season, so all hope is not lost!

3. New Music
twitterI’ve been a little off my music-game for a while, so I’m listening to new albums a little late. Whatever, at least I’m doing it now. So yes, when I finally got around to listening to Drake’s “If You’re Reading This it’s Too Late” in April (it debuted in February, but probably leaked much earlier) I tweeted every lyric like I was the first person to ever discover him. It was magical for me. Thankfully, I was reminded that I need to get my shit together and get on top of all the albums that were/are dropping. Here’s what I’m listening to right now:

And I’ll never get over how amazing Tay Swift’s new video of the remixed version of “Bad Blood.”

Now Playing: Foster The People

I am SO late to jump on the Foster The People bandwagon. I was really into “Pumped up Kicks,” as in I couldn’t get it out of my head, and then I forgot about them. Big mistake. Huge.

I went to the Sweetlife Festival a few weeks ago and I knew that they were the main headliners, but I was really focused on Lana. Little did I know that their hour-long performance was going to be the best of the night! First of all, half of their songs I already knew (and loved), but had no idea that it was them who sang them. Duh. Second of all, OH EM GEE Mark Foster (lead singer) is fabulous to look at! He had such a great stage presence and his voice is magical and he’s just so pretty. The entire band performed amazingly and had the entire crowd roaring. It was probably the best performance I’ve ever seen (aside from Beyonce because, well duh).

FTP’s first album, Torches, while not necessarily “upbeat,” will definitely keep you dancing in your car like a nutcase. With classics like “Pumped Up Kicks,” “Helena Beat,” and “Houdini,” the group was sure to become a huge hit and remain so in coming years. With the latest release of the album Supermodel, Foster the People have reminded everyone how talented they are. Supermodel is a little less “poppy” than Torches, and as Kenneth Partridge of Billboard put it, this album is angrier and the struggles that Mark experienced are hard to ignore. While it has been discussed before, the singer has no comment on whether he has relapsed back into his previous substance abuse problem.

However, his lyrics make it pretty apparent that while he’s working through a lot of monsters, he is finding clarity. You can hear it in “Pseudologia Fantastica:” “You’ve got to get back up and face your demons/Don’t ever be afraid of starting over.”


Now Playing: The Queen

Beyoncé, DUH!!

Did you really think I’d be posting about anything else? If you have been living under a rock for the past month, then I guess you haven’t heard that Beyoncé wow-ed everyone by dropping her latest visual album, “Beyoncé” without telling a SOUL! Her self-titled record went live on iTunes after she made a Facebook announcement and people haven’t stopped downloading since.

2013 has been the “Year of Beyoncé.” Let’s just do a little recap of what 2013 brought for her:

  • Superbowl XLVII Halftime show AND a Destiny’s Child reunion on stage
  • An HBO Documentary about her life and how awesome she is, that she directed and produced
  • After getting shit for pre-recording the national anthem at Obama’s inauguration, she belted out the tune, acapella style, at the Superbowl press Conference. Take that!
  • “The Mrs. Carter World Tour,” which consisted of 132 total performances
  • A Grammy for “Love on Top”
  • Contract to become the new face of H&M
  • Numerous magazine covers, including US & British Vogue
  • The crown title of #1 Hottest Woman of the 21st Century by GQ magazine (no big deal, it’s not like there are 986 more years left)

Ok, that’s really not even the half of how fantastic 2013 was for her, but I don’t want this post to be a mile long. Amongst all of these amazing accomplishments, she also celebrated her fifth wedding anniversary with Jay and Baby Blue’s first birthday. How adorable. Oh, and she also chopped off her fab locks, only to look even hotter than before.

If you haven’t purchased her newest album, I feel bad for you. Actually, I just think you’re dumb, but whatever.  If you don’t have the amazingness that is “Beyoncé,” then you only get to preview some of her legendary videos, as not all have been fully released. I can do my best to summarize, but it’s really not the same thing. At all.

Flawless (Aptly named)

I know when you were little girls
You dreamt of being in my world
Don’t forget it, don’t forget it
Respect that, bow down bitches

Hi. I’m 23 and I still want to be you/in your world.


Albeit this track came with some (disputed) backlash from NASA, it’s true message is clear: Life is short and anything can happen, so make meaning with the one you love while you can. Basically, we should all live life like we are at a carnival and have the best time ever. That’s what I got from it.

Pretty Hurts

But you can’t fix what you can’t see
It’s the soul that needs the surgery

This is probably my favorite song/video on her album.  We all know how harsh the media can be on body shape, especially that of women. In this video, Bey plays a beauty pageant contestant trying to reach the unobtainable: perfection.  She shows how much of a struggle it can be to fit this impossible mold that was created for women, and she couldn’t have done it any better. I don’t think it’s just a coincidence that 10 places down on the track list is “Flawless,” which is Beyoncé saying that she’s totally amazing just the way she is and the media can kiss her ass. You go Yoncé!

In one word, Beyoncé is FABULOUS. End of story. No question. Bye.