Hey.  I’m currently chilling it in the Greater Philadelphia area, just trying to find my way.  I am a “recent” college graduate who isn’t really sure of anything that I’m doing.  I change my opinion about pretty much everything on an hourly basis and I’m almost positive that I’m losing my mind.

I’m sarcastic, blunt and I don’t really think before I speak, or write for that matter.  I’m a coffee junkie just like any other 20-something out there and I’ll probably talk way too much about it because I’m too hyper and overly caffeinated to remember the last time that I did.  I am easily annoyed and am probably more recognizable with a hateful look in my eyes.  I gave up trying to be a normal person a long time ago and I probably should have done it sooner.  Why be normal when you can do whatever you want and just blame it on being a little crazy?

Also, my right eye closes more than my left when I smile and I’m allergic to avocados and mushrooms.

*I have another blog with more randomized thoughts and writing samples at Stop Irritating Me

**Click pictures for sources


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