Top 3: This Week’s Must-Haves

3. Lizou Jewelry


I came across the Lizou Jewelry Instagram page after they liked one of my photos and I got lost in their feed for about 15 minutes. Inspired by French and California vibes, this company has numerous (and moderately-priced) collections to choose from, including wraps, bracelets, necklaces, earrings, and more. I’m especially privy to the wrap collection because the bigger the wrist-game, the better.  This bracelet and this necklace/bracelet especially caught my eye due to the gorgeous color combos. I’m guilty of wearing all black to just about everything, but I can definitely get into an accessory with a pop of color. I highly suggest checking out the site here for a closer look into this trendy line.

2. Black Tourmaline


I’m new to crystals and the belief behind them. After hours of extensive research (yes, hours) on crystals to protect, bring creativity, and shield negative energy, I came across black tourmaline, among others. I was specifically drawn to this crystal due to it’s protective and grounding properties to keep away negativity, suppress anxiety, and bring on calmness. I purchased six stones to place around my apartment in order to keep a safe space for myself and leave my life stressors at the door (or so I read somewhere on the internet). I also bought a necklace with the stone to keep toxic energies away from myself through my day and protect from the anxiety I experience everyday. While I’ve only just set up my crystals around my house, I have high hopes of what they will do in the future.

1. Fila Everthing


On my way back to my apartment after buying a few bottles of Prosecco, I noticed the store window of a trendy street wear/sneaker store and the mannequin caught my eye. She (it?) was decked out in Fila, but more specifically these Fila leggings that I now must have in my closet. (These are also pretty sick.) I recently purchased the classic Disruptor 2 sneakers and re-fell in love with the brand. I’m big on Adidas and Nike, but I wanted to branch out into more old school brands like Fila and the now-popular Champion. With the love of my recent purchase, I definitely see more Fila gear coming into my life.

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