This Week’s Top 3: Shopping Edition

3. Air Jordans

While wondering about the shopping mecca that is lower Manhattan after a #basicbrunch with friends, I stumbled upon the haven of footwear and fashion: Kith. I nearly tripped over myself while crossing Lafayette when I realized the store of my dreams was right in front of me. I follow Kith (and Kith Women) religiously on Instagram but never imagined I’d end up at one of their locations.

In a word, it was glorious. The never-ending wall of sneakers is what initially caught my eye and I immediately began grabbing shoes to hand over to the sales associate in hopes they had my size. Unfortunately for ME, my average-size 7s were sold out and are most likely on the feet of someone way cooler than me. I reached for my phone only to find out they were sold out on the website as well. Sadly, these kicks are just a pipe dream at this point, but that won’t stop me from checking the site once a week…

2. Gucci Belt Bag


Gucci street wear can be found on just about every celebrity and fashion blogger on Instagram and I am HERE for it! I caught the Gucci bug on my latest solo-trip to Paris and purchased this beauty among numerous other items that I could not (and still can’t) afford. I never thought I’d see the day when fanny packs were back in fashion, but I definitely don’t hate it. This chic little “belt bag” is the perfect size to fit a phone and small wallet while also creating the convenience of not having to physically carry anything on your shoulder. Plus it holds up your pants. Win-win all around if you ask me. I hope this trend continues so I can save up enough money to get on board.

1. Red Leather Jacket


I have never been a fan of red on me since I have some red undertones in my skin, but I’ve been stepping out of my comfort zone recently and purchased my favorite red track pants from the new adicolor collection by Adidas (read more about the launch on HypeBeast).

In the past six months I have bought red sunnies from Amazon, a red peacoat, and a Louis Vuitton bag with red interior. Needless to say, I’m hooked. A red leather jacket is the only thing left on my list. While this Saint Laurent biker jacket is slightly out of my price range, I was able to find a few others that are more budget-friendly from Barneys New York, Saks, and Nordstrom Rack.

Happy Shopping!

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