Now Playing: Foster The People

I am SO late to jump on the Foster The People bandwagon. I was really into “Pumped up Kicks,” as in I couldn’t get it out of my head, and then I forgot about them. Big mistake. Huge.

I went to the Sweetlife Festival a few weeks ago and I knew that they were the main headliners, but I was really focused on Lana. Little did I know that their hour-long performance was going to be the best of the night! First of all, half of their songs I already knew (and loved), but had no idea that it was them who sang them. Duh. Second of all, OH EM GEE Mark Foster (lead singer) is fabulous to look at! He had such a great stage presence and his voice is magical and he’s just so pretty. The entire band performed amazingly and had the entire crowd roaring. It was probably the best performance I’ve ever seen (aside from Beyonce because, well duh).

FTP’s first album, Torches, while not necessarily “upbeat,” will definitely keep you dancing in your car like a nutcase. With classics like “Pumped Up Kicks,” “Helena Beat,” and “Houdini,” the group was sure to become a huge hit and remain so in coming years. With the latest release of the album Supermodel, Foster the People have reminded everyone how talented they are. Supermodel is a little less “poppy” than Torches, and as Kenneth Partridge of Billboard put it, this album is angrier and the struggles that Mark experienced are hard to ignore. While it has been discussed before, the singer has no comment on whether he has relapsed back into his previous substance abuse problem.

However, his lyrics make it pretty apparent that while he’s working through a lot of monsters, he is finding clarity. You can hear it in “Pseudologia Fantastica:” “You’ve got to get back up and face your demons/Don’t ever be afraid of starting over.”



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