Top 3


3. Starbucks

While I’m more of a Dunkin girl myself, I have been frequenting Starbucks multiple times per week and I’m not hating it.  The burnt-coffee smell and irritatingly corporate atmosphere gets under my skin, but I have to give them props on their marketing skills.  The Starbucks app? My new best friend.  For Christmas, my father, who knows less about me than the woman who does my nails and speaks zero english, gave me the gift that gives and gives: a Starbucks gift card (among few other generic items, ie. gloves).  I figured that I would remember to use the card about 3 out of the 10 times I visit Starbucks in a year, until I was introduced to the mobile app.  My mind was blown.

When using your Starbucks card (that can be morphed into a mobile form via the app) you get stars for every purchase you make. Once you gain a certain amount of stars, you reach a new “level” and with each level (Green and Gold), you get new perks.  Once the Green Level is reached (5 stars), you get free refills and a free drink on your birthday, among other “gifts.”  Regardless of the fact that I feel too cheap and immature to ask for a free refill (I once made a friend do it for me), I love the idea that I can.  When the entitled Gold Level is reached, you become Starbucks Queen and are endowed with a gold card with your name on it. WITH YOUR NAME ON IT.  Nothing screams “important” like a gold card with your name on it, even if it doesn’t mean “free money” like a credit card does (that’s what a credit card is, right?).

However, to reach the prestigious Gold Level, you must frequent Starbucks at least 30 times within one year.  I am 8 stars deep and I’ll be damned if I don’t get that gold card in a year’s time.  Just one more meaning(less)ful card to clutter my wallet with!

2. Shopping Hiatus 

As you may know, Lent began a few weeks ago.  While I’m not religious (I was raised Catholic), I’ve always found Lent to be a good excuse to give something up for 40 days.  Usually it’s some type of food that I’m recently addicted to, but since this year I’ve been heard more than once uttering “help me, I’m poor,” I’ve decided to try and spend less money than I’m being paid- by cutting out shopping. Easier said than done.

I come from a long line of serious shoppers, so giving up my one true love for even a week is a feat in it’s own.  That being said, it’s been almost 2 weeks and I am without new purchases.  I’d be lying if I said that I was “loving” all the money that I’m saving.  Every day my favorite stores email me with their newest temptations, trying to make me cave.  Alas, I have remained strong, although I have had my moments of weakness where the “Finalize Purchase” button screamed to be pressed.  33 days remain in my challenge (not that I’m counting or anything) and I’m feeling strong, though I can’t predict what temptations may come at me.

To those of you also suffering the 46 long days and nights without the object of your affection, I feel your pain.  As for those living in the lap of luxury with your fatty foods and shopping sprees, I say this with a smile: I hope your credit cards get declined and you gain 15lbs.

1. Bradley Cooper

Excuse me while I drool for a while…

“bye, I’m going to go be beautiful now”


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