Top 3


3. David Gandy

No words. Excuse me while I go wipe the drool off of my face…

2. When your iPod Shuffles to an Unexpected Song

Happened to me this morning.  I woke up this morning on the wrong side of my pillow top mattress, remembering that I had to watch my dog this weekend (aka walk him at 6AM).  I didn’t have time to grab coffee and realized that I had not yet broken in my new pumps as I was running out the door.  As I sped out of my neighborhood, knowing that I was going to be late for work, my iPod began blaring one of the few songs that can actually make my day amazing: Hustin’ Remix with Rick Ross, Young Jeezy and Jay-Z.  It came on and I was immediately elated, forgetting that I would be late to work, had no coffee and had to come home at lunch to walk my annoying pooch.  This isn’t the first time this has happened either.  This song just does it for me.  It brings out my inner hoodrat self and can even surpress my urge to hit every single car on the road.  It is the crack to an inner city drug dealer: MONEY.

not sure why this came up when I googled”hustlin remix,” but I went with it

1. When Said Song Comes Back on in the Middle After a Long Day of Work

So you’ve long forgotten about jamming out to Ricky Ross a short 8 hours ago and have sunken into the never-ending-work-day slump.  You throw your shades on even though the sun has long since gone down, to avoid speaking or looking into the eyes of another being.  The car takes a little bit too long to “recognize” your iPod, but when it does, all faith is restored: the beginning of Jay-Z’s verse of Hustlin’ is blaring through your speakers.

Call me crazy, but my day JUST got a million times better.  Forget about post-work blues, I’m ready to hit the bars for happy hour.  I could care less that people are cutting me off, or that I have to wait in the dumbest and longest lane of traffic, or that I have to walk my needy pup when I get home, because right now I’m singing with Jay-Z and Ricky Ross about owning resorts and islands.  Excuse me while I hit repeat.



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