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Frank Ocean

I can’t even begin to discuss how sexual Ocean’s voice is in every possible form.  It’s actually insane.  He may be one of the sickest r&b artists right now.  His beats flow with his lyrics in perfect form.  Plus he’s sexy as hell.  All of these things combined make for one talented artist.  His music is perfect as a chill back beat when with friends or when taking a nighttime drive.  I’m actually zoning out while writing this because his rhythms put me in such a trance.  Is it still on repeat? Duh.

P.S. his Pandora station is great for everything.  The music ranges from Adele belting out her depression to Jay Z and Kanye getting HAM.  A must-listen for any time of the day (but even more perfect at night).

Thinking About You

My eyes don’t shed tears, but boy they pour when
I’m thinking ’bout you

I’m sorry, but I just can’t even.  This song actually makes me want to cry (if my tear ducts existed  in the arms of some man who loved me (also if he existed).  A lot of male r&b and rap artists just talk about “bitchez” and “hoez,” and never actually what it feels like to actually not just want to “fuck all night…z” (there’s always a “z”).  You can really feel Ocean’s pain in this piece and I’m sure if it’s about a real girl, she is for sure feeling like shit after hearing it.


A Frank Ocean classic, and one of the first tracks of his that I heard and fell in love with.  Watching the video makes the song a little more intense with it’s vivid interpretation of how high he is.  Definitely had me in even more of a trance.  Like Ocean’s other pieces, this beat is glassy (the new “fetch?”) and has such a chill vibe that makes it perfect at night.

Super Rich Kids

Too many white lies, and white lines

This track, featuring Earl Sweatshirt (what a name), is so smooth and catchy with it’s slow beat.  I feel like it should be the theme song to just about every show on MTV in the early 2000’s (Laguna, The Hills, Super Sweet 16, etc.).  This is the perfect beat to sit back, close your eyes and just listen.  Sweatshirt’s rap is effortless and doesn’t disrupt the original flow, keeping the piece chill.  I definitely find myself hitting repeat on this track when in my evening tranq state.


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