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My name’s Mac Miller, who the fuck are you?

Mac Miller

When I first heard of Mac, I just thought he was another white boy wannabe Eminem.  Boy was I wrong.  His beats are sick and his lyrics are sicker.  He’s very real and speaks what is really on his mind.  He’s also not afraid to call out his haters from his hometown, which definitely resonates with me because I hate bitches.  In his latest album Macadelic he includes some tracks that are more

Fight the Feeling

Still I tell them ‘fuck what you know, I’m feeling comfortable.                                                                   Just continue living life because enough of them don’t.

Listening to Mac Miller’s “Fight the Feeling” from his latest album Macadelic, which is surprisingly as good as Blue Slide Park, was a very different experience than his other tracks.  He finally moves away from his beats about making money and show haters how big he is.  This is about him living his life and being grateful for what he has been given due to his music talent.  I think it’s a great piece that has a little hidden motivation in there for everyone. Yay!

And of course, some classic hits from Blue Slide Park:

Wear My Hat

First, can we discuss how hot this chick is?  She’s so sexual and her hair is unreal.  This was the first Mac song that I ever heard and the video was sent to me by another silly boy.  Well thanks to this silly little boy, I fell in love (with the song & Mac, not him- Duh).  The theme of the song is dumb, I get it, but in a way it’s totally relatable.  I’ll be the first to admit that when I was younger (aka a few months ago) and i was having a drink with a guy who happened to have a hat on, it eventually ended up on my head.  Why?  No idea, but it happened every time.  Sometimes it was out of flirtation, sometimes purely because I knew it would look better on me, but the reason is irrelevant.  Either way, the girl typically forgets to give the hat back.  For instance, this picture that was captured on Saint Patty’s day in some random bar in DC with two new friends…and their hats:

me and the bestie

What started as an innocent picture with new friends and cool hats, quickly turned into “I’ll be right back, I have to find my friend,” aka peace out.  These “new” friends were never seen again, yet we did hear from them via Twitter. As for the hats, they came home with us (well one was lost to the party Gods…oops).  So I say touché Mac Miller, touché.

Donald Trump

Bitches hating on him, cause he started out here locally

This was Miller’s first big hit, with it’s catching beat and lyrics (I may or may not have memorized it).  It’s a nieve track about making money now that he’s big and becoming “Donald Trump.”  Does that include the hair?  I sure hope not.  This piece is fun and he does what every other artist does when they are going to make the big bucks: brag about it.  Still not ashamed to say that I’m mildly obsessed with this song and dance like a fool in my car when I play it. Sorry I’m not.

Smile Back

This song is like the biggest eff-you to everyone who doubted him or who “grills” him because he’s doing what he said he would.  I’m a big fan of people who just tell it like it is (since I do the same) and who don’t give a shit about what other people say or do. Haters gon hate, right?  Take it from Mac and just smile back.

But it’s nothing when you stop and just say fuck it


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