Statement Shoes

If you follow me on Twitter or Instagram, you know that I have a slight shoe addiction.  Well, I’m also very big on making statements (more like being obnoxious) and shoes are no exception.  I’ve stalked the web, as well as my closet and I’ve found some fabulous shoes that I absolutely need or need to wear more, which means I’ll be working more hours just to save up to buy them!


I recently just made the purchase of my life with these fabulous Cole Haan Oxfords.  At first I thought that I hated them, but then I quickly realized that I was being foolish because they were amazing.  I wore them while shopping yesterday and got compliments from just about everyone.  It was awkward.  Cole Haan has two different types of women’s oxfords, all with a pop of color on the sole.  The bright purple accent alone makes these shoes so amazing and eye catching.  But I also love the slate grey color of the vamp and quarter (yeah I looked up the real terminology for the top of the shoe) part of the shoe.  It helps bring out the brightness of the purple, while at the same time toning the shoes intensity down.  In a few words, I’m obsessed.  Not to mention the Nike Air insole that cradles your foot like a freaking pillow!



These killer flats by the late Alexander McQueen, that also come in black, will turn any outfit into a double take.  By now you know that I am a huge fan of studs, and these studded flats are so major, especially in this eye-popping red.  Since they are McQueens, they are most likely heaven on your feet and will have men and women all over you.  Any bright flat, especially with a touch of studding, is a must for fall to brighten up those neutral outfits.



I cannot get over the wedge sneaker fad!  They are so trendy and chic and just, the most.  It takes street casual to another level.  These Ash Leather Wedges are perfect to dress up or down any outfit.  pair these with some leggings or jeans and you instantly have a cool, laid back look.  Pair them with a black dress and some killer accessories and you have a chic, fierce ensemble.  Definitely a fall/winter/every season must have!


I always try and stay up to date on my favorite blogs, one of my most recent favs being One Of Each by Amanda Shoemaker.  Her blog is like a lookbook of her amazing outfits.  In this particular post, she shows off some fabulous Jeffrey Campbell Platform Boots from Nasty Gal.  I am loving that platforms have risen from the 90’s and are taking over once more.  These combat boots are so killer and bring such a badass quality to this more casual outfit.  Don’t even get me started on how amazing her hair is.  If I could rock purple locks, I’d do it in a second.  Ok, I’m going to stop now before you all realize how unhealthily obsessed I am with her and her bog…

(One time, she like one of my pins on pinterest.  I about died.)


Let’s all take a moment of silence…

Don’t judge me because I actually did.  These Louboutins are too fab for words.  I actually can’t handle it.  All I want in life is a pair of gorgeous Christian Louboutin shoes.  I don’t care if they are the ugliest (not possible) pair ever made.  I want them on my feet and I will never take them off.  NEVER.  My friend and I are known to simply text each other “Red Bottoms” followed by the shoes and bag of money emoji symbols (iPhone duh).  I would do terrible things to get these shoes and would have no shame at all.  This is my life goal, right in front of your eyes.  Judge away, I’m not sorry.


I’ve had these Michael Kors booties for about 2 years now and have only worn them a few times.  My feet used to not be so “heel friendly” and I was a huge wimp.  Now that I wear heels on a daily basis, I’m ready to break these bad boys out of my closet and show them off.  These are chic and badass at the same time and take any outfit from casual to sexified.  The heel is high, but thick so they are super easy to walk in and the small open toe allows for tights to be worn without looking too funky.  These shoes will definitely become a staple in my wardrobe.


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