Top 3

Ok…yes another one. There are just too many things on my mind right now.

3. Leather Shorts

I’m sure I’ll write a Trendsetter post about leather soon, but I just can’t wait to talk about my new leather shorts!  I have been eyeing these gorg shorts from Free People for about a month now, but wasn’t sure if I could actually pull them off/if I would actually wear them.  So today, while I was shopping for a new pair of brown boots, I spotted these “leather” shorts at Forever 21 that were under $20 (compared to the $100 ones from FP)!  I figured these would be a great way to test out the fabric and length to see if I really wanted/would wear the FP ones!  Turns out, I’m actually obsessed with them and they look great!  I got them a size bigger so they wouldn’t be up my butt, but I’m really glad because pleather can sometimes stick if it’s too tight, so that definitely won’t happen.  I’m super excited to hit the town with these new shorts.  I just need to find somewhere to where them first…


” I love scotch. Scotchy, scotch, scotch. Here it goes down, down into my belly…” Ok, well that’s how I feel about wine, Riesling to be specific.  I used to be all about the Moscato, but I’ve graduated to Riesling.  I love the sweetness of it.  I don’t think my “palate” is mature enough to enjoy red wines, although I am constantly trying them, hoping one day I’ll fall in love.  The reason I am extra enthusiastic about wine tonight is because this has just actually been the week from hell.  Then today happened.  It was all good and fine, and then it just turned to shit.  Come 8PM I told myself that there was just no way around it, and I might as well make my night better with a nice glass of Ries (poured with a heavy hand, might I add).  It cut the edge off, obviously gave me inspiration for another post, and is helping me to get extremely tired, which means I’m going to sleep like a freaking baby tonight.  I always tell myself, when in doubt, a glass of wine is always the cure.

1. Catching up with good friends

Moving home not only meant moving in with my parents (ugh), but it also meant moving away from some of my best friends.  As I’m writing this, I’m texting a few of them, which was what sparked this extra Top 3 post.  I go through phases of feeling like I have no friends and my life is over, blah blah, dramatic.  Those are the times when I literally like every picture of facebook of my college friends, tweet to people that I haven’t spoken to (sometimes in years) and text the most random of people.  I have major nostalgia issues.  But finally, when one of the 30 people I text answers me, it’s like God has answered all of my wishes.  I may come off a little desperate at first, but usually that person is feeling the same nostalgia as I am.  Catching up with a friend is like finding an old pair of jeans that still fits.  It’s different for about a minute, but then it’s just right and everything is good again.

Speaking of, I just had the greatest covo with my glittle in my sorority who I haven’t really talked with in months!  It really reiterates how much I love catching up with close friends.  Those people who you can go weeks without speaking to and then just pick up right where you left off- those are friends you should keep close.  Late night chats are the best, especially when they are combined with crazy stories and lots of laughter.


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