Top 3

3. Listening to songs you forgot were on your iPod

I typically get obsessed with one artist or playlist on my iPod and listen exclusively to it.  However, sometimes, when I’m feeling a little crazy, I put the whole thing on shuffle and see what happens.  You can imagine that songs would get lost when you have 6000 of them.  Today, while driving to the mall, I was surprised when Are You Gonna Be My Girl by Jet came blasting through my speakers.  After I had myself an intense jam session, I remembered how much I loved that song and Jet in general.  I played all the songs I had by them, and then that sparked my memory of The Black Keys, another sick group I had totally forgotten about.  Basically I had the time of my life driving and jamming out today.  It was a good reminder that I should probably give the same attention to all the music on my iPod instead of just a select few artists.

my beautiful baby barney

2. Naps

There are few things greater than getting all cozied up on the couch, putting trashy tv on and falling into the best sleep ever for an hour (or three).  On this particular Saturday, I was running around the mall returning things and spending money that I don’t have.  From 8:30AM to 1PM I was out and about and I only had one cup of coffee (why I did that to myself, I’ll never know).  When I got home, I dropped my bags at the kitchen table, changed into my 3-year-old Delta Gamma sweats, grabbed a blanket and step up camp on the love seat.  The dog was 3 steps ahead of me and already asleep, so I had no interruptions.  Once I got in the right place, I was out for about 2 glorious hours.  Some of you may say that that is a ridiculously long nap, and I will tell you about the many times where my college roommate and I took 4 hour naps on a weekly basis.  I had a rough week and it was either napping or two (four) glasses of wine.

You’re never too old for a nap.

Hope my old roommate doesn’t mind this embarrassing pic! Sorry Linds

1. Looking at old pictures

My sorority had one of their annual events today, and after seeing the pictures posting on facebook, I was feeling some serious nostalgia.  So this prompted me to look back on the pictures of my college years.  Wow.  I was an embarrassment.  I’m still not sure why my roommate allowed me to leave our dorm wearing the things that I did.  A Majority of the time when we went out, I wore a shirt…as a dress.  Totally casual.  When going to class, I wore sweats or jeans that didn’t really fit and had a headband around my forehead.  It was my freshman year when I discovered being a hippie was “cool.”  I smoked American Spirits, had 30 handmade bracelets on each wrist, a nose ring and a lip ring.  Basically, I was a huge douchebag. Like, the biggest ever.  I even dated a guy who had hair as long as mine, a lip ring and clothes tighter than mine (we had the lip rings at different times so it was ok…that’s what I told myself).  I was even a vegan, well, a “sober vegan” as I liked to call it.  Sorry I’m not that after a night out, all I wanted was some cheesy Dominoes pizza.

Thank the Lord that the summer before my sophomore year I realized that I hated cigarrettes, that boy and having wet bracelets on for two hours after I showered.  I became better friends with the girls in my sorority and basically had a sick sophomore year.  Still lots of questionable outfits, but then again, my outfits are still questionable.  Despite my many failed attempts at life over the course of four years, I had a pretty good time and I’m definitely missing it right about now.  The real world is great and everything, but what I wouldn’t give to go to a kegs and eggs party and never actually eat any eggs.


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