I’m sure you’ve all seen the numerous People and US magazine articles on Miley Cyrus’ rocking bod (unless you live under a rock).  Miley attributes her new kick-ass shape to her almost-daily pilates regimen.  If you ask me, she’s just being Miley.

So I’m not the biggest gym rat out there.  I’ve had my moments were I go everyday like a maniac and all I think about is when the next time is that I can squeeze in a good run.  Then I go through periods where I’m pretty sure I actually forget where the gym is located (true story, I drove past it once).  However, being that I spent about 90% of the summer doing absolutely nothing in terms of exercise (unless you count walking around the mall), I figured I should give my body a little tune up.  I have been waking up unusually early ever since I started getting back into my working grind, and weekends are no exception.  I found myself this past Saturday, awake and ready to go at 8am.  “Where” I was going wasn’t exactly clear, but my body didn’t care.  After meandering about, eating breakfast and realizing that nothing was on t.v., I randomly felt compelled to check LA Fitness’ class schedule (ps. LA Fitness is the douchiest of all the gyms).  Lo and behold, there was a pilates class at 11Am that had my name on it.

I took a “pilates” class in my last semester of college and I enjoyed it, even though I only went to 6 classes.  Mind you, I put the word pilates in parenthesis because it was about 10x easier than any other class I’ve taken, and the reason I only went to 6 classes was because my instructor cancelled over half of them due to some mysterious “accidents.”

What is Pilates ?

This is a question my mother asks me every time I mention the word, even though I’ve told her about 15 times.  First of all, it is a a word that will never be recognized by any spell check, so just get used to the demon, squiggly red line.  Besides that, pilates is a form of exercise that focuses on pelvic alignment and is meant to lengthen and strengthen your muscles, while promoting flexibility.  I like to compare it to yoga, just more intense and painful the next day.  It’s not too fast-paced and it really is a great stretch for your muscles.

Also, it’s almost exclusively done on the beach, while wearing tight and reveling clothing, and of course with perfect hair and makeup.

On The Realz

Yes, that statement must always end with a “z.”  Pilates is a great workout and there are plenty of gyms who have classes so you can get involved.  There are also numerous youtube channels like Blogilates, which has 50+ informative videos.  This channel was created by Cassey Ho, who is a fitness instructor and pilates guru.  Her blog, Blogilates.com is also a great place for tips, videos, healthy recipes and even workout gear, which she has her own line of.  Even if the gym is your enemy or you’re a snobby workout enthusiast, pilates should definitely have a spot on your exercise schedule so you can hurt as much as I do  now (3 days later).


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