I wasn’t really aware that stripes were ever, “out” but they are back and with a vengeance!  Stripes are no longer reserved for tops or as thin pinstripes.  They are gracing every part of our outfits from our pants to our coats and back down to our shoes. They are everywhere and I am not complaining.  My favorite? The vertical stripe because they look good on everyone!  Nothing slims more than a vertical stripe.  Incidentally, few things are less flattering than a horizontal stripe, especially thin horizontal stripes.  Here are a few of my favorite stripped pieces, and even one I absolutely can’t even look at.  I even included a little something for the boys!  Newsflash: You’re allowed to care about fashion too…

On Top

This is my favorite striped piece in this post, mostly because I own it and it’s one of my favorite blouses.  Not only does it display the stripes trend, but also pairs it with the polkadot trend, all in one blouse!  I wore this piece to the office, got tons of compliments and then went directly to HH in center city and got even more compliments at the bar.  This top has fashion-forward written all over it and it screams to be looked at.  My new favorite top from Nasty Gal will definitely get over worn way too quickly.


Multidirectional stripes are sure to flatter any body type, especially on this casual fall dress from Madewell.  I chose Madewell for all of my casual but put-together pieces.  They are owned by J. Crew, but adhere to a younger crowd (even though my mom insists on shopping there sometimes #hotmomprobs).  This dress also comes in a kelly green with black stripes, but I thought this understated one was more my style and much more versatile.  You can pair this with any color flat, wedge or even boot, depending on what look you are going for.  I love the green skimmers that the model is wearing with a simple gold necklace.  Very casual and in vogue.  Do people still say “in vogue?” I’m bringing it back.


So I hate skirts.  i’m not sure why, but I just absolutely detest them.  Dresses? Sure.  Shorts? Fine.  But skirts? Never.  However, if you are a skirt person, this one from TopShop is so chic and fun and can go with anything.  Pair it with black tights, cute booties and a blouse top and you are ready for date night or drinks with friends.  Throw on some knee-high boots and a sweater and you’re ready for class or lunch in the fall.  Either way, it’s the perfect length to go from day to night and casual to sexual.

Can we take a moment here and thank whoever decided that vertical stripes would look fabulous on pants……Ok, moving on.  These Urban Outfitters pants are amazing and personally, I love the floral doc martens, but I could never pull them off.  These pants are sure to slim any size/shape leg with the thick vertical stripe and they are sure to kick ass anywhere you wear them.  They scream fashionista as well as give off that “I-don’t-give-a-fuck” vibe that I always love.  Overall, I think these are a win for every woman and every body type!

Stripes Gone WRONG

I get it, stripes are in. Yay for stripes!  But these are atrocious!  I don’t know what TopShop was thinking when they decided these would be a great addition to their stock.  I don’t care if you have Kate Moss’ legs- no one looks good in tight horizonal stripes…on your legs. Just no.  It’s just never ok.

Yay For Boys!

Men with fashion sense are arguably the most attractive type.  You exude an amazing amount of confidence when you walk out of your house with a chic outfit that says “yes, I do care about the clothes that I wear and how I present myself.”  It also says “I have a job and a future, so let’s get married.”  Ok maybe not that last one, but whatever that’s what I hear.  But on the real guys, get it together.  It’s really not that hard to actually try and dress nice, and the people at Urban Outfitters make it a million times easier with pants like these.  Also, not having any money is not an excuse.  It’s called thrifting.


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