Top 3

pumpkin beer? yes please!

3. Pumpkin Spice…Everything

Ok, I’m a victim to the pumpkin spice craze, and I’m not ashamed to admit it.  I’ve always been a fan of the ps, but I’ve only recently learned how amazing the flavored coffee is!  My mom (yes I live with my parents) bought a spiced K-Cup for the Keurig last week and when I finally got around to trying it, my taste buds rejoiced.  While it’s not a flavor I can do everyday, it’s definitely a nice treat and a great pick me up mid week when I wish I had a coffee iv drip (seriously, how awesome would that be).  I feel like I am now fully immersed into fall.  Hopefully winter doesn’t come too quickly because I am just not ready for big bulky coats and 30 layers underneath.  Here’s hoping!

2. The freakin’ weekend

Literally thought this week would never end.  I actually wanted to punch myself in the face.  Don’t get me wrong, I love my job, but this was one hell of a stressful week.  We had a killer event Tuesday morning that left me absolutely drained come Wednesday (and Thursday and Friday), and we wasted no time before jumping into our next event that is in 2 weeks!  I love the stress of an upcoming function just as much as I hate it.  It keeps me motivated and on my toes, but also leaves me drained and reaching for my 4th cup of coffee before 11am.  My plans for the weekend?  Maybe a little HH action, catch up with some old friends, but most definitely some R&R to get my body ready to go for next week.  I have a book that I just need to finish and a bottle of bubble bath with my name on it!  Cheers to the freakin’ weekend (cue Rihanna…then R. Kelly).

1. Smooch Proof Lipstain by NYC in Forever Mine Wine

As a good friend of mine (@JillianVita) would say, this look is #instagood!  I’ve been wanting to try fall’s latest dark lip trend, but assumed that with my fair (read: disgustingly pale) skin, the look would be too intense. Um, HELLO I was wrong. I just happened to be browsing CVS the other day when I came upon NYC’s collection of lip stains.  I’m a major fan of lip stains because I hate lipstick smudge on my coffee mug (gross).  I actually did a double take when I saw their Forever Mine Wine shade sitting all by it’s lonesome on the shelf.  Obviously, it was a sign that I needed to buy it.  My favorite part was the price tag!  All this powerful and fierce color for under 5 bucks? Sign me up!  I always suggest buying a cheaper brand when testing out a new makeup trend.  No one wants to drop $30 on a new lipstick that they decide they hate after wearing it once.

Definitely giving this lip stain a 5/5!


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