Now Playing: Red Hot Chili Peppers

Red Hot Chili Peppers

I have been on such an RHCP kick lately, and I just have to get it out of my system by writing about it.  I admit, when I was in high school, I was a surface fan,” meaning I only really knew their popular songs like Scar Tissue and Under the Bridge.  However, just like any other 17 year old, I started dating this kid who I thought was the coolest thing since, well, ever.  We had the same crass attitude and loved all the same movies.  Love at first sight, obviously.  Point is, he was obsessed–no he was stalker-obsessed with RHCP.  He had been to about 4 of their shows, had the live tapings, knew every track they ever recorded, ever and wore an RHCP tee like, every other day (he wasn’t the cleanest of people).  Naturally, I fell into a deeper love with Kiedis and his crew since I was listening to them every second of my time spent rendezvousing with this boy.

Like any other die hard Pepper fan (and high schooler), I read Kiedis’ memoir Scar Tissue.  This made me fall even more in love with the group because i “knew” of their struggles.  I don’t care what anyone says about the book, I loved every word down to the very last line (the best line ever).  My passion for them continued to grow, fortunately while my “love” for the boy dwindled.

Cut to this decade and I’m still in love, only I’m not trying to constantly prove it.  I’ve listened to all of their albums and have finally rid my iTunes of the songs that freak me out (earlier albums), and kept the ones I actually listen to.  As I say in every one of my Now Playing posts, it is near impossible to pick my favorite songs.  I’m just going to randomly pick whichever ones come up on shuffle within the next 15 minutes (as long as I don’t change my mind).

Venice Queen

I see you standing by the see
The waves you made will always be
A kiss goodbye forever you leave

I believe this song is about Kiedis’ late therapist, if I remember correctly.  I just really like the beat and the lyrics.  It is more of a poem to me when you read the lyrics alone, so when it’s put with a sick beat, it brings a new life to them.

Wet Sand

One thing that I can truly appreciate is how amazing these guy are live.  They get on the stage and sing like it’s the last time they will ever perform.  They give it all and get so into it that it makes you just as pumped as if you were on stage with them.  Granted, many of their live performances jitters may have been solved with drugs for a while, but that’s besides the point.

My Friends

This is one of their more “basic” music videos, which is saying a lot.  Most of them are crazy, make no sense, but are so sick in every way.  Everything they do is so different from what was done previously.  You never know what to expect, and I love that about them.


Ok, I know this is one of their most popular songs and everyone’s heard it, blah blah.  But John Frusciante’s guitar solo is something that cannot go unshared.  I’ve said this before, his fingers are pure bliss when they come in contact with guitar strings.  It’s actually beautiful.


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