Top 3

3. Sundays in the fall

I hate acknowledging that winter is on it’s way, but I try not to let that ruin my love of fall.  I love the 65 degree weather where jeans and a long sleeve or light sweater are perfection.  If this was the coldest PA ever got, I wouldn’t feel the need to move far away where that was the case.  Unfortunately, it will get colder, but again, I’m trying not to think about that.  It really clicked this morning that fall had arrived.  I slept in until 10AM and woke up to a crisp breeze coming from my cracked window.  My blankets were wrapped around tight and I felt like I could stay in bed forever.  But I did get up and throw on my favorite Gap jeans and my thin, J.Crew hoodie in order to enjoy the gorgeous weather.  After a brief time in the sun, I spent the rest of the day with the windows open, watching football with the fam.  The perfect day.

2. Breaking in old shoes (that I’ve never worn)

I recently found a link from Pinterest that helps to stretch out, or wear-in your shoes.  This is always the worst part about new shoes.  I love to buy them, but I detest breaking them in.  This site was a Godsend and I’m happy to say that I have very happy feet.

What you need is thick socks, a hair dryer, and the pair of shoes you want to break in.  Put the socks and shoes on like normal (well normal if you were to wear thick socks and heels).  Using the blow dryer on high heat (medium if your nervous), point the flow of air towards the tight spots, such as your toes and heels.  I have very boney feet so I shoot the air right were all of my bones protrude.  Wiggle your feet around while the air blows on them.  Do this for about 30 seconds, moving the air from each spot so you’re not pointing on one area too long.  The heat should loosen the leather and allow it to give a little bit.  After you’re done, leave the shoes on until the shoes cool so they can set.  Then you’re good to go!

Sometimes it takes a few times of doing this to get them to be near perfect, but it’s worth having blister-free feet!

1. The Emmys Red Carpet

I’m really not a big fan of award shows, simply because they bore me.  What I LOVE is the pre show on the red carpet.  I love seeing what everyone is wearing and judging them hardcore from my couch in my sweatpants.  Although, while I love to see the major fashion mistake made year after year, I really do love when stars hit the nail on the head and wear the most perfect dress and accessories.  As I write this, I am watching E! Live from the Red Carpet and loving every second.  Everyone is looking stellar, most likely to promote the season and series premires of the fall shows.  A few of my favorite outfits so far:

This picture doesn’t do it justice, but Heidi Klum’s “sea-foam green” Alexandre Gauthier gown is to die for.

I absolutely love Kelly Osbourne and always will.  She’s such a fashionista and she’s come so far in life after her less than normal upbringing.  She is looking stunning in this Zac Posen purple piece.  It shows off her slim figure perfectly and accents her fabulous hair!

Kerry Washington in Vivienne Westwood.  I’m a huge fan of sequins, and this dress is covered and just kills it.

Tina Fey is absolutely stunning in this dark red and gold Vivienne Westwood gown.  it compliments her figure so perfectly and accentuates her amazing shoulders.

And of course, some outfits I hated:

Mayim Bialik dissapears in this custom made Pamella Roland frock.  Had the dress been sleeveless, it may have been just a mild train wreck, but unfortunately, the sheer pouf destroys the whole look and turns red carpet chic into pirate-chic.

I love Zosia Mamet in Girls, but she is definitely not doing anything for her amazing figure in this Bihbu Mahopatra gown.  It looks about 1/2 a size too big, and the lace detailing near the end of the dress is unnecessary and a little awkward.  Her slicked back do doesn’t help either.  She looks so angry, and anyone who watches Girls knows that that is just not the case.  I’m sorry Shosh, but this isn’t your look.  Stick to your polos and tennis skirts.

Julianne Moore in Dior. I can’t even begin to discuss this. I just…can’t.

Unfortunately, Ryan Seacrest is just not doing it for me this year.  He was very uncomfortable, awkward and kept dismissing everyone from the stage.  I know it must be hot out there in his tux, but this is his job and he usually does a pretty good job. Tonight is not his night.  Maybe next year Ry.


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