Unfortunately, I’m not talking about attractive men (although they are always in style).  I’m talking about metal studs that have been showing up more and more over the past 3 years as the grunge look has become more popular.  However, now they are seen on pretty much everything from phone cases to tights and even lingerie.  This is one trend that I am a huge fan of, and always have been.  Studs can make the most innocent piece look daring and tough.  They come in all different shapes, sizes and levels of violence.  You can get fierce with some sharp spikes, or dainty with small, flat circles or squares.  There is a stud for everyone! Here are a few of my favorite studded finds:


I think Jeffrey Campbell is the King of studding (and the skyscraper heel).  While most of his shoes are already over the top, he brings it to another level, literally, with his added hardware.  The best part is that you can find his shoes in so many stores and online! These two were found on Nasty Gal and Wasteland, but there are plenty more to drool over.


 Turn that dainty dress you have into a killer frock with a little stud action!  Nasty Gal and Urban Outfitters did an excellent job doing just that with these two, once simple dresses.  The top one from NG is racy with cutouts, but maintains innocence with it’s wispy skirt.  The studs bring both personalities together to create one badass look.

Urban Outfitters simply turned this sweet, frail dress into something to talk about.  Definitely turn heads at your next swanky happy hour with this sheer white number.


Rebecca Minkoff took a studding class, I swear.  I have a black studded speedy bag from her Spring 2010 collection that I refuse to let go of.  It’s the perfect badass to trendy ratio.  This small “wallet on chain” bag is perfect for nights out because it’s stylish, but won’t be knocking over people’s drinks as you walk past them (unless, you’re on your fourth whisky-diet).

Alexander Wang knows how to get into the studded trend, whilst still maintaing high end designer status.  These metal rivets are used to protect the bottom of the bag when placed down, but they also work as an edgy detail that can take this bag from the office to the town.

These earrings from Urban are to die for.  They combine the stud trend as well as the aztec trend, all in one place.  Without the spikes, you have an ancient looking hoop that can be dressed up or down.  The spikes give it much more character and transform the earrings into a fierce statement piece that can still go with any outfit.  Wear these out on the town and no one will want to mess with you.

iPhone Case

When I first spotted people with their chic studded cases, I knew that I had to have one.  I’ve been searching for weeks, and when I finally found it on Free People’s website, I was more than ecstatic.  Unfortunately, with the new iPhone coming out, I’m less than willing to dish out the $28 for a case that I won’t even be using.  Hopefully they come out with a new one for the new phone so I can order one ASAP!

As you may have noticed, black and gold is one of my favorite color combos.  I used to detest gold, thinking that it was horribly gaudy and over the top.  Finally I came to my senses and realized that gold is the most fabulous of all the metals because it goes with just about everything.  I’m also a fan of clashing gold and silver, but we’ll get to that another time.  I bring this up because, although gold and black are a powerful couple, sometimes you are looking for something a little more subtle, but still stands out.  This is where black on black comes in.  Black studs, spikes or any bedazzlement with a black background is super chic and gives more of an “I don’t care if you see my studs or not because I know they are there” attitude.  A perfect example of my obsession are these fabulous shoes that I just recently purchased and am eagerly awaiting.

**Side Bar: I usually am not a fan of, but when I saw these and read all the great reviews, how could I turn down paying just $20 for them?

Not Convinced?

You don’t need to go out and buy a black leather motorcycle jacket covered in sharp spikes to rock this trend.  If it’s new for you, just try adding a few pieces at first, like a cute pair of ballet flats with some hardware on the toes or heal.

Even a wrap bracelet or ring will turn your outfit in to a conversation piece.

Big or small, black or gold, spikey or flat.  There are so many different ways to bring metal into your wardrobe.  Whether you are a punk rock goddess or a preppy Lilly fanatic, studs are a must.


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