Top 3

3. Surprise POP of color manicure

I’d be lying if I said that I didn’t try to do fun stripes and designs on my nails, and always ended up with my hand looking like a hot mess.  I might as well just let my 4 year old niece paint my nails.  Well, I finally decided to give it another go.  Using my favorite OPI color, You Don’t Know Jacques, I painted every nail except my ring finger on both hands.  For those fingers I used Urban Outfitter’s Tanline.  At first I left the nails untouched and simple, but I decided that my relaxing weekend would be the perfect time to give nail art a try.  You’ll notice my extreme nail art consists of using a thin piece of straight-ish tape in a straight-ish line.  It gave me exactly what I wanted, which was a slight glimpse of summer on my nails.  While I’m not the biggest fan of the color combo now that I’ve seen the results, I finally know that I am semi-capable of this simple way to make your nails pop!

2. Hot Sauce

If you had asked me if I wanted hot sauce with anything about a year ago, I would have shouted “no” in your face faster than you could finish your sentence.  If something had too much pepper on it, I couldn’t eat it.  However, my opinion has since changed and I’ve been seen adding spice to just about everything.  When I went abroad to Australia, a good friend of mine was very big on all things HOT and she encouraged me to upgrade from mild salsa to medium.  That was a huge step for me.  Since then I’ve been gradually adding spicier meals to my diet and as of late, I have simply been resulting to putting hot sauce on everything that comes in sight.  I have yet to find a favorite brand of hot sauce, but we currently have Cholula in our cabinet and it has yet to disappoint.

1. Eerily Intelligent Fortune Cookies 

I think I speak for many people when I say that Chinese food is and was a major staple in my diet, especially when too lazy to cook or even leave the house.  I’ve had many favorite dishes among the years and am still looking for a favorite (Vegetable fried anything).  But no matter how good the place is or how sketchy, the fortune cookies are always the best part.  There are few things better than cracking into a fresh cookie to find a thin piece of paper that is to give you encouraging words of wisdom.  Usually I am the one who gets the fortune that makes little to no sense (to me at least) or just doesn’t apply to my life at all.  Once one said to kiss the person to my right, and that happened to be my “friend’s” mom.  Needless to say, she was not pleased.  However, this was not the case for this particular fortune.

Do not put off till tomorrow what can be enjoyed today.

I like that it doesn’t say “…what can be done today,” instead enjoy.  There are many times where I’ll continue to put off something that I may want to do, but am too lazy or busy to do it.  This small piece of paper is just a reminder to do those things, because you always need a break from the real world.


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