Endless Summer

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The Endless Summer (1966): Featuring Mike Hynson, Robert August and Bruce Brown (Director)

This amazing film documents the life of two fantastic surfers, Hynson and August as they travel around the world to find the best surf spots.  They start the journey in their native California, where the surf is known to be near perfect.  They first travel to Africa, knowing that most of the coasts have gone un-surfed as surfing wasn’t yet a world-wide sport, much less a third-world-country sport.  They traveled down the Western coast of Africa, stopping wherever they thought they could find a wave.  With this spontaneous method, they traveled across 3 miles of sand dunes to the untouched waves of the Cape of Saint Francis.  The curl was perfect.  The local fishermen even remarked how they watched the waves rise and crash everyday, looking like pipes, every single time.

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They eventually traveled over to Tahiti, Australia, New Zealand and Hawaii, making countless friends along the way.  Their trip wasn’t just about the surf, but it was about the journey they made across the world.  They questioned the idea numerous times that if you had enough money, could you follow summer around the world for the rest of your life?  Could you have that endless summer?  In this case, Hynson, August and Brown had their endless summer.  While they found out that in many places the waves were best in the winter, they didn’t mind the shallow surf they found as long as the sun was shining bright.

If I had the money, I would definitely prefer an endless summer to the cold winters of the Northeast.  I don’t need the surf, just the sand and the sun and a killer tan.

Rating: 4 stars


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