Detailed Blouses

While I’ve stated before that I’m a huge fan of the basics, I would be lying if I said that I didn’t enjoy my bright colors and neons every once in a while (aka all the time).  A lot of people think that brights and neons are reserved for street wear or going out.  Those people are WRONG.  There is nothing better than bringing out a pop of color to the office.  It makes a boring outfit bland, and can easily go from work to happy hour.  The perfect solution and time saver.

I recently received an email from one of my favorite online shops, Nasty Gal urging me to check out their detailed shirts and blouses.  Well who am I to turn up a little shopping spree?  Here are a few of my favorite finds:

**Side note: All photos are from

Gold bar Blouse 


Definitely more subtle than some of the other detailed blouses, but this one definitely packs a punch.  From a distance, it may seem like an ordinary white blouse, but up close it’s details are chic and bring a dull outfit back to life.  Throw on a black bra underneath and some killer heels and you are ready to go out.

Triangle Studded Blouse in Lilac*

I am loving the new trend of detailed collars.  They provide so much excitement with so little.  This sheer lilac blouse has small triangle studs scatted on the collar, giving a innocent blouse a punk rock twist.  The color also grabs my eye because it can go with just about any pant and can definitely be dressed down with shorts or even these daring leopard pants.

*Also comes in white

Electric Pop Blouse

First of all, I have to say that I love everything about this outfit and the model.  Her hair, her makeup, her legs, the denim cutoffs and her rings.  All fabulous.  I couldn’t let it go ignored.  Ok, so onto the actual blouse, which is also amazing.  The few pops of color and contrast makes this piece quite the eye catcher.  On a whole, it’s understated, but the small details make it a must for any fashionista.  Pair with a pair of skinny black pants and heels for work, then roll the sleeves up and let your hair down for happy hour.  Fab to fab in seconds.

Sofie Sequin Blouse

Of all of the blouses, this one may be my favorite.  For those who know me, I am like the anti-girl.  I don’t do pink or frills or anything that can be described as girly.  BUT I will say that I am a huge fan of all things that glitter, including this collar.  I love the fact that it’s not your average collar, and it more of a flat, tux-like look.  Also, the back button detail is so subtle and brings so much to the outfit.  It’s something fun and girly, but can totally be turned into a funky piece with the right accessories and a pair of high waisted pants.

Next time you’re browsing through your closet before work, grab that too-bright top or those funky spiked earrings.  The slightest detail can add so much to any outfit.  Check out for more ideas on how to funk-up your wardrobe!


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