Top 3

Dunkin Iced Toasted Almond

3. Morning Coffee

Along with the rest of the world, I’ve quickly realized that I can NOT go without my morning coffee or I will rudely yawn during every conversation I have with my boss (it’s happened before).  While I’m fine making my cup of joe at my house in the Keurig, I prefer to have it made for me by the wonderful staff of Dunkin Donuts.  My most recent favorite: Iced Toasted Almond, black with three Splenda (I like it sweet).  It is by far the best iced coffee I’ve ever had.  I’ll drink Starbucks, if I must, but their coffee tastes a little too burnt for my liking, DD is absolute perfection.  It really brings relief when I look at my GPS and it says that I have an extra 7 minutes to stop and get coffee before work.


2. Top Buns

I always love a good bun, but more recently, I have been seen with one just about everywhere.  The reason- my most recent hair disaster.  “Disaster” is a tad dramatic, but I received the hair cut from hell the other day, and I’m really wishing my hair grew like Rapunzel right about now.  I wanted some face-framing angles, and they turned out a little bit like grown out bangs.  With my wavy hair, it doesn’t fram my face as much as it makes it look weak and elongated (not in a good way).  So I’ve been casually throwing my hair up in the oh-so-chic top bun.  For my friends who remember my out-of-control, bun-gone-wild days, no worries, I have perfected the slick and perfectly messy up-do.

1. Fashions Night Out!

Every year thousands upon thousands of people join together in multiple cities to celebrate a very important aspect of life: Fashion.  Unfortunately, I will not be attending the events in any city due to my lack of free time this week.  Am I upset? OF COURSE!  Will I get over it?  Eventually (maybe).  But I will be on top of all of my fashion blogs and tweets this evening in order to make it feel like I’m actually there (although it really isn’t the same…at all).  To all my friends getting their fashion on in various cities around the world: I envy you.


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