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The Weeknd

Abel Tesfaye, known on stage as The Weeknd, is one of my absolute favorite artists.  The way he expresses his life of drugs, women, music and loneliness is so real and intense.  His lyrics are actual poetry.  He started his career in 2010, uploading his music to YouTube from his birth place of Toronto, Canada.  Fellow Canadian artist Drake, has been credited for Abel’s fame when he quoted a lyric from Wicked Games (one of my favorites) on Twitter.  Since, he has done numerous tracks alongside Drake and joined him on stage at his 2nd Annual OVO festival.

Similar to Lana, to say that I have one favorite song by The Weeknd would be an outright lie.  I could listen to every one of his songs on repeat for hours (which I have done before).  I even just checked my iTunes to see which song was most played, and embarrassingly enough, they have all been played in a range of 170-180 times (ok, one was played 205 times)…I have a problem.

The beats are relaxing, while the words cutting and provocative.  I dare you to try and listen to a song only once.  I’m going to restrain myself by only posting two videos, but know that I recommend you listen to all of his tracks.

Don’t be scared, I’m right here
Even though, you don’t roll
Trust me girl, you wanna be high for this

Abel’s words can be interpreted so many different ways, it’s hard to know what he’s actually thinking at times.  It’s almost as if he speaks in code, but after listening to the whole song, you can piece together a scene in your head and understand the severity of the situation.  In all of his tracks, especially High For This, his words paint such a vivid picture, and you really feel as if you’re watching everything happen first hand.

Again, his lyrics are so twisted and can have so many different meanings.  To truly understand, you need to listen close and it doesn’t help to google the lyrics (

XO / The Host

You’re built like a Goddess
And it seems like you been stressin’
‘Specially when your nose red
From that K, special Diet Coke

Basically, The Weeknd is by far one of my  favorite artists to listen to, no matter what mood I may be in, although it is best when feeling very…relaxed.  He is rarely seen on tour or in concert, so if you have the chance, go see one of his sporadic shows.  Although his life sound crazed and overwhelming, it sure makes for great music.



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