The City of Brotherly Love- but you wouldn’t believe if you had one conversation with any of its inhabitants (I can say that because I’m one of them).  Not that we are all mean, but it’s the East Coast, and people are only getting more irritable.  Aside from the sometimes anal people, the city itself is absolutely gorgeous and has some great unseen spots.

One of my favorite parts of Philadelphia is the sporadic mosaics covering bits and pieces of the city.  The show up in many unexpected places, like on the side of a house, or down a deserted side alley.  It gives the city such character and gives life to the artistic side of the people.

AIDS Thrift Store on Bainbridge St.

And finally, my all time favorite picture from my trips into the city (yes that’s my reflection as I took this photo with my vintage iPhone).  I stumbled across this fantastically witty and against-the-grain (it was 2008 people!) busstop billboard while admiring the beauty of Market Street in the summer.  While small and easily overlooked, the actual message is huge.  I felt a lot of hope for the city after taking this picture.  But then, I dropped my phone and it shattered, so the feeling didn’t last too long.


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