Keep it Casual

As someone who loves leading a simple life, it isn’t a surprise that my closet is filled with basics.  While I adore shopping the newest trends, I can’t help but stock up on items that will look good in every decade.  Simple white and black tees have to be my all time favorite.  Pair them with a sleek pair of jeans, sky-high platforms and statement jewelry , or a pair of boyfriend jeans and toms.  No matter what the occasion, these simple pieces are perfect.  Perfect example of when I went out with my two best friends in Philadelphia.

(L-R) Me, Jenn, Sara

I remember spending at least an hour sitting on Sara’s bed complaining that all of my clothes looked terrible and I that I wasn’t going out.  Drama queen much?  I’m usually not someone who stresses about clothes, since I’m almost always underdressed for every occasion.  However, on this particular night I was going through all the emotions of a girl who hadn’t been out in quite some time and wanted everything to be perfect (of course the night was anything but perfect).  Jenn went for a simple black cotton dress with a gold statement necklace, while Sara also chose a cotton dress, but with a sleek black and white geometric design.  So I just went straight for the classic- my BDG Grazer Cigarette jeans from Urban Outfitters and my favorite sheer sleeveless button up from Forever 21.  This shirt is a twist on a basic black blouse that looks great with a black bra or banduo.  Tied up a little too high and paired with tight, dark ankle jeans, and my favorite DV wedges, it was the perfect outfit to hit the bars in.  I even left out the statement jewelry since my black bra peeking out was enough of a statement.

You don’t need to always have on the lastest outfit straight from the runways.  Basics will always be in style and look great on any body type.  What’s your go-to basic piece?


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