Top 3

forgive the creepy photo

3. OPI by Nicole in Statement Kris

I’m not big on red (unless it’s on my lips), so this was definitely an impulse buy.  Of all the other bright neons, dark purples and glitter-filled polishes, this deep crimson jumped out at me.  It also just so happened to be part of the Kardashian Kollection (love them), except it was a shade for my least favorite K, Kris Janner.  I’ll give her this.  The color reminded me of a dark red lip, which I so desperately wish that I could pull off, so I figured that I could at least rock it on my tips.  It’s a little vampy and definitely mysterious.  This may be my new go-to color for this fall.

2. My Savings Account

There’s actually money in it! Hooray! Money in the back, literally!  This would be number 1, if there was more money saved up.  I’ve always had a savings account, but it soon became depleted once I was out of money in my debit account, thus a second debit account.  However, as of late I have been actually keeping money in that account and leaving it be.  This is a major accomplishment for me, since I have a serious shopping problem (we’re talking anything from clothes to groceries-I want it all).  I’m trying to save up so I can be a real adult and move out of my parents place (I’m only 22, so it’s not terrible…yet).  My dream is to move to San Diego, but I’ll most likely settle in New York, which is close second anyway.  I know how fast money can go when you’re living on your own, especially in a city, so I’m trying to get enough in the bank so I’m not living pay check to pay check (been there, done that).  So my dream isn’t that realistic, that’s why it’s called a dream right?

And finally…

1. My New Job as a Marketing Intern

I have been searching for a job for…forever (ok, about 3 months).  Finally, it was my turn to be tapped by the job fairy, and boy did she hit me hard.  I am the new marketing intern at an event planning company that specializes in business events, fundraisers and conventions.  While it is an unpaid position, I am so excited to have the opportunity to gain much experience and knowledge in the field of marketing and PR.  I graduated with a degree in psychology, and then suddenly decided that I wanted to explore my options in marketing, social media and public relations.  Very like me to change my mind about my future (I had at least 6 different majors while in college), but you’re only young once, right?  What excites me most is that I actually enjoy doing the work.  I’ve have many jobs in the past, including working in an office cubicle.  None of these jobs intrigued me, or challenged me to think outside of the box and really use my right brain.  The other jobs left me bored and staring at the clock, while this one keeps me constantly on my toes and shocked when it’s time to leave.  I don’t want to be that person who hates their job for the rest of their life; I want to be that person who loves her job and doesn’t dread the sound of an alarm every morning.  Hopefully this job will lead me there.

ps. this new job also means business clothes shopping!


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